Bridal Financial Boot Camp

Money management for newlyweds White gown. 
Money management for newlyweds Cake delivered. 
Money management for newlyweds Groom waiting down the aisle.
 Everything is perfect, right? WRONG!

Newly engaged? Living together? This course should be a pre-marriage requirement, and would make a perfect bridal shower gift from your bridesmaids, siblings, parents or grandparents.

Newly married?
You need to protect what you’ve brought with you, and understand your ownership of assets acquired during the marriage.

Do you foresee singlehood? Make this a girlfriend getaway weekend and you will leave armed with vital tools and the confidence to protect what is yours.


  • Our one-day seminar in the Florida Keys is designed for the woman contemplating marriage, separation or divorce, and those already there. The ideal time to protect your pre-marriage wealth is before you say “I do” but not protecting your wealth afterwards is saying a big “I don’t” to yourself and a brighter financial future.
  • Join us in a fun-filled and relaxed atmosphere to learn key rules and strategies to help protect you financially before, during or even after a marriage. It is never too early or too late for you to learn how and when to use these must know financial strategies and tax implications!
  • The faculty is led by Patricia B. Mull, who has practiced as a CPA for 35 years. Patricia is credentialed as a Personal Financial Specialist.
  • Considering a destination wedding or bachelorette party in Islamorada, Key Largo or Key West? Don’t miss this Boot Camp! If you’re getting married or looking for a unique wedding gift or shower present, Bridal Financial Boot Camp is the perfect girl’s getaway. 
Learn the financial tools and strategies you need to know when faced with:
  • Merging financial lives
  • Signing or refusing a premarital agreement (To prenup or not to prenup…)
  • Budgeting, saving, setting financial goals, and investing together
  • Financial disagreements
  • Filing separate or  joint tax returns
  • Retirement Planning
  • Hidden assets or undisclosed debt
We will teach you fundamental safeguards in the event of:
  • Separation or divorce proceedings
  • Choosing a lawyer
  • Asset and liability division
  • Holding onto a settlement
  • Alimony and child support payments
  • We would be doing you a disservice without confronting the reality of divorce…
  • …the financial repercussions and probabilities are far too great.

Seating is limited! Register now to learn the fundamental financial safeguards every bride should know before, during, and after the I Do’s!
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"I was married just over a year ago and I am so thankful for Bridal Financial Boot Camp. Now I'm the one giving my husband financial advice!"

Kelly from Islamorada